The idea behind All Health Services™ is to use technology to transform the process of receiving and giving healthcare services into something easy and natural. Many areas of life have been significantly improved by technology and the internet. Reviews help us take shopping decisions, the vast information on the web helps us have better academic results, blogging and other forms of social interactions make it easy for us to get heard and share our ideas. When it comes to healthcare and associated services however, the evolution has not been equally fast or influential. We want to change that!

All Health Services™ came to life somewhere at the beginning of 2013. At that time it was just that - an idea. It took almost a year until we actually thought it is an idea worth implementing. We initially started working on the system sporadically, as a side project. It was a lot like how Google's employees got to spend 20% of their work time on their own ideas. Eventually, the project became a priority and the number of people working on it increased significantly.

We went live very early, being adepts of the release early, release often philosophy. In the beginning, much of the functionality was hacked into the system just to allow us to get it live. Some parts of the system were not even functional. As we worked on it, we improved and went from quick experimental hacks to production-level implementation.

Today we maintain the same philosophy and continue to experiment with many new ideas. We are continuously implementing new features, getting feedback and improving.